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Technology solutions designed specifically for your small business.

For small businesses, it is all about meeting demand. If your small business isn’t being as productive as you need it to be, the IT professionals at EZPC Indy can do more for your organization than you may realize. Out certified and knowledgeable technicians have years of experience helping businesses like yours get the most out of their technology budgets.

A small business’ main problems generally come from a lack of available capital. As a result, when a small business is searching for ways to improve their IT, they have a tendency to not attempt large IT projects that could put their entire endeavor at risk. At EZPC Indy, our technicians have the knowledge and passion for technology that can be of great benefit for your growing business.

Managed IT Services

Cut costs and get the comprehensive IT support your business needs.

As your business’ technology grows, so does your business. If you are constantly dealing with technology malfunctions, it can be a substantial hindrance to your organization's ability to be productive. At EZPC Indy, downtime is our enemy. Our managed IT platform is designed to destroy potential downtime before it has a chance to manifest. By partnering with EZPC Indy, our certified technicians can provide your organization with the following services:

  • Monitoring and proactive maintenance - Our technicians will monitor your network, and using our state-of-the-art remote monitoring and management solution, will leverage automation and expertise to ensure that your network and hardware are functioning properly.
  • Patch management - Your company depends on its software. Our technicians will make sure your software is updated with the proper versions and security patches to keep your software from having security vulnerabilities that could potentially harm your network.
  • Network security - Keeping your network and infrastructure free from threats is a big part of keeping downtime to a minimum. We have security solutions, including antivirus, firewall, and a spam filter, that work through our RMM tool to keep your IT running efficiently.
  • Vendor management - Most businesses deal with many vendors. Our team will be front-and-center with your technology vendors to ensure that you are getting the best solutions at the lowest cost.
  • Multi-site data backup - We protect your data with a network-attached backup and disaster recovery platform that frequently takes snapshots of your data to ensure that your business doesn’t lose anything in the event of a data loss disaster. All data is then automatically uploaded to the cloud to ensure that your data is secure if something were to happen to your infrastructure.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity consulting - To ensure the continuity of your business, you will need to do more than back up your data. Our professional consultants can present strategies and practices you can implement to promote the continuity of your business if something unfortunate befalls it.
  • Mobile strategy consulting - Today, having a well-planned-out mobile device strategy is a must. More computing is done with the use of mobile devices than any other platform. Being able to manage and secure your organization’s network is imperative.
  • Conscientious technology support - We offer several manners of time-saving IT support solutions, including a help desk and on-site support to ensure that any problems with your technology are handled quickly.

Our technicians are certified and have years of knowledge managing and maintaining today’s most powerful business technology solutions to provide the small business with many of the resources they typically lack.

Cloud Computing

Hosted computing solutions provide considerable value for small businesses.

Most businesses utilize the cloud in one manner or another. We help small businesses leverage the financial and operational flexibility that cloud computing provides. Since cloud computing is typically billed monthly, per user, it removes the need for organizations to plan and save for major technology purchases. The elimination of typically large capital outlays presents major opportunities for the small business in particular.

The cloud can provide cost-effective options for many varieties of business computing, including:

  • Hardware - You can now get feature-rich virtualized computing platforms including computing environments, networking, and other data processing platforms.
  • Software - Software is routinely deployed in the cloud. As a result, small businesses can find enterprise-level software solutions for productivity, security, and many other processes for an affordable monthly cost per user.
  • Storage and File Sharing - Cloud storage is not new, but for the average small business, their ability to store their data on a secure storage platform, allows them to move past on-premise hardware and support costs. Many platforms allow access to files from anywhere, on nearly any advice, improving a small business’ agility.
  • Communications - Hosted communications solutions make it possible to cut the cord on traditional phone systems. Instant messaging and email solutions hosted in the cloud give organizations the possibility of putting together a unified communications strategy at a substantial cost reduction over dedicated enterprise-level platforms.

The small business has more options than ever thanks to cost-effective technology services. If you are looking to build your business using technology, the IT professionals at EZPC Indy can offer you an expert perspective. Call us today to get the solution you need to grow your business fast at (317) 759-3972.

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