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Single Sign-On


One secure sign-on option for your line-of-business applications.

With EZPC Indy’s single sign-on solution (SSO), users will only have to enter one set of credentials to have global access to the applications that they depend on. Available for on-premise or cloud-based applications, our single sign-on help improves overall productivity and also offers an organization options to enhance security.

Single sign-on also presents some major cost reduction.Typically, employees would contact your IT administrator or a vendor such as EZPC Indy to retrieve a lost password. If this happens to each employee only a couple of times over the duration of their employment, you’re staring a fair amount of costly downtime in the face. In fact, the cost of downtime dwarfs the cost you would pay a dedicated help desk.

With our single sign-on solution, all users would have to enter one credential to access all of the applications they use day-in and day-out. This reduces the time spent dealing with password-related issues, providing an organization what is sure to be a rapid ROI.

Boost Security and Better Manage Endpoint Access

Strong Security for Organizations that Need to Stay Compliant

Our single sign-on option provides enhanced control over user access, adding a layer of security behind your firewall. Since users only have to remember a single password for complete access to applications, managing endpoint access becomes simpler. It also makes it easier for organizations to encourage the use of strong passwords, further improving security.

For enterprises that need to follow specific compliance mandates, our single sign-on not only can provide thorough reporting options, it emboldens end users to utilize the security programs that are outlined in many of today’s most stringent compliance mandates, including HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Convenient Login Options

Stack multiple credentials onto one account to give immediate access to all your users’ accounts.

Many times users have multiple logins for certain applications. This is typically a headache for network administrators. With single sign-on, users will gain access to all of their accounts with no hassle. This provides fast access to files, boosting productivity and promoting better collaboration.

If your business is looking for a solution to augment security and productivity, EZPC Indy’s single sign-on platform is right for you. For more information, contact us today at (317) 759-3972.

With a majority of today’s workers dependant on a series of applications to complete their day-to-day tasks, security becomes a major consideration. We offer a powerful Single Sign-On platform that will remove the need for users to continuously verify their credentials.

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